Writing a Research Paper

When in college, you will be introduced to writing research papers. A research paper is among the academic requirements every college student must undertake before graduation. It involves in-depth research to analyze, interpret, and argue on a given subject.

The research papers have a standard structure like essays, only that they are longer and more detailed than essays.  When writing a research paper, you need to prove that you have adequate creative thinking skills and research skills. The assignment enables professors to evaluate your level of understanding of a given topic.

If you ever find it hard to write a research paper, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Read through the assignment

Every tutor provides some requirements on the assignment according to the subject. Once you get the topic, do not start writing right away. Ensure you go through the instructions and understand all the requirements from the professor. Note down the minor details such as writing style, the deadline, the word count, or the number of pages required. When you understand all the details, you can now schedule your time to handle everything.

  • Topic selection

Try to find a topic that isn’t too common. Brainstorm ideas with your fellow students or even the tutor. Ensure you settle on a topic that is wide enough to give you enough content. Do not fall for a topic because you think it is simple. Check what others have done previously in the same subject and try to come up with a fresh idea. The critical element is to challenge yourself by handling a tough paper because it broadens your research skills.

  • Do a preliminary research

Search for any relevant discussions or ideas that touch on the topic. At this point, you are preparing your mind for what you intend to write. You can check information from books, magazines, or online.

  • Create the thesis statement

Your entire paper relies on the thesis statement. As you form the statement, ensure you factor in your main topic. It shows the reader what your work is all about in a summarized sentence.  

  • Write an outline

The purpose of the outline is to save time and simplify your work. You can get a topic and start writing right away. What if you run out of ideas in the middle of the paper? That is why you need an outline to help you arrange your points in the right manner.

  • Writing

At this point, you have everything in order. You have resources, you have the thesis statement, and an outline to follow. Write down all the ideas in a flowing manner. Let every paragraph explain a unique point. Also, include other numbering options to simplify the work for the reader.

  • Write the introduction

When writing a research paper, avoid starting with the introduction. Instead, write the intro once you have written down your points. The reason for this is because an introduction shows the value of your paper. A good introduction can make the reader read on or stop. That is why you must think when writing the introduction.

  • Write a conclusion

Your research paper should have a conclusion, which gives the reader a sense of understanding. While writing the conclusion, focus on your thesis statement. Let your finding reflect on what your paper is about.

  • Revision

Always adapt the idea of reading through your work before submitting it. Check for errors, typos, and possible plagiarism. Do not submit a paper full of mistakes. It will attract low grades.