Election Integrity

This page is my collection of links to and about election integrity. 

A short essay on why election integrity is the business of every citizen entitled: All Election Integrity is Local.

Here is my professional profile.

Electronic Voting: The Truth is a Trade Secret merchandise supports this site.

Testing Voting Machinery

Here is a link to the 2-page executive summary to my guidelines for creating a deck of test ballots for testing the accuracy of the software of voting machinery.

Here is a link to the complete guidelines to creating a deck of test guidelines.

Here is a link to the sample spreadsheets, archives, and other documents related to testing voting machinery.

Please leave any Corrections, suggestions or comments on these 2 documents at CutWaste at WashburnResearch.org.

Why is the software for a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) at least twice as expensive to test as a the software on an optical scanner of paper ballot (PBOS) system? Here is my report.

NASED/EAC Qualified Systems:

NASED (National Association State Election Directors) and the EAC (Election Assistance Commission) have been playing shell game called system qualification.  A part of this game is to dispose of past versions of the list of qualified system down the URL memory hole.  In order to combat this phenomenon here is every known version of the list of systems qualified by NASED issued over the course of the last year.

Continuing the certification game is the question: Are ALL the voting systems used in Wisconsin elections certified? See the page on the Command Central Swap Out Page for the timeline and status on this question.

Wisconsin Specific Issues:

Wisconsin specific (Southeastern WI) election irregularities are now under Wisconsin Elections
Home page of Wisconsin State Elections Board (SEB).
Home page for Wisconsin State Statutes.

My letter to the Wisconsin State elections Board as to why voting machinery with internet or other electronic connections are a BAD idea.

Wisconsin Regulations, ElBd7, regarding the approval and certification of voting equiptment.
Status and news on voting equiptment by the Wisconsin SEB.


Here is a description of how to count 7080 ballots in 4 hours with 15 people for $1000 in pay and $1500 in equipment. Hand counting paper ballots is feasible, cheaper and more secure than any voting system on the market.

HAVA Myth busters by VotersUnite!
The Hurtsi report from Black Box Voting on 3 distinct programming frauds possible on optical scanning tabulators.


Black Box Voting with Bev Harris
Black Box Voting without Bev Harris
Count Paper Ballots
Count the Vote
Where's the Paper?