Donations to Washburn Research

If these are activities you would like to encourage, then nothing encourages quite like cash.
I would ask for you to consider giving a donation to support my efforts.
This taxable donation to John Washburn be used for the following activities and expenses:
  1. Paying for open records requests. ITA reports are very thick.
  2. Paying for gasoline to and from meetings of the Wisconsin State Election Board.
  3. Paying for gasoline to and from other election activists in the Midwest.
  4. Paying for my cell phone bill which is used almost exclusively for election integrity related activites.
  5. Buying voting equipment for sale on eBay.
  6. Buying ancillary equipment need to test voting equipment I own.
  7. Other trips and expenses related to election integrity I have not thought of, but which my wife prefer not come out of the family budget.
  8. Buying election records under the Wisconsin Open Records Act.
  9. Messing with Texas.